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Masquerade's Member Biographies

Peter Game - Vocals and guitars
Peter is the main singer of the group, and also plays both rhythm and lead guitar. He has a voice which is ideally suited to Masquerade's repertoire, as he must be able to handle all sorts of styles. Peter especially loves to sing soulful ballads, and with the girls backing with their amazing harmonies, it's pure pleasure to listen to.
Peter has been in bands since he was a youngster, and for many years was half of the extremely popular Take Two duo which played at most of the clubs on the Brisbane circuit.
He also arranges most of the band's music - a very talented man!
And he is currently learning to play the mandolin - maybe one day you'll even see him with it on stage!

Carol Game - Vocals
Carol (or Caz as she likes to be known) started singing with her sisters in church when she was little, but as an adult didn't get into it until the karaoke craze hit in the early 90's.  She and her sister Denise would have to have several glasses of wine before being coaxed on to the stage to sing a duet!
Not long after that she joined her husband Peter (yes they are married) occasionally on stage with his duo, and the rest, as they say, is history. And while Caz sings beautifully solo, her unique talent is harmony; she can pick all the parts and frequently teaches everyone else. Her high, sweet voice can also get down and dirty sometimes - variations of tone that perfectly round out the band's sound. 

Denise Dustin - Vocals
Denise (known to one and all as Den) is sister to Caz - and as a result shares much of Caz's history. Den has a deep, rich voice which is wonderfully melodic, and together with Caz they are two of the best harmonisers in the business. No wonder they've sang with the likes of Jade Hurley and Dennis Knight - in fact they've even had an impromptu session with Barry Manilow's backing band!
Den and Caz are also part of a singing group called the Sensational Swing Sisters, where they get to really stretch themselves vocally, performing classics from such groups as the Andrews Sisters, Supremes and many others.





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